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Promotion Policy

Promotion  in STARFLEET is in recognition of two important achievements by a  member. It is an award for active participation by the member in the  club. The more active a member is, and the longer the member is active,  the greater the rank obtained. Rank is also an acknowledgement that a  member lives up to the ideals of Star Trek. The ideals are summarized in  the June 1990 constitution of STARFLEET as , “… to promote an  optimistic future as envisioned in the Star Trek universe and to support  that optimistic future through community services, social activities  and creative endeavors”. Promotions are based on these standards.

The  USS Umiak has had the fortunate advantage of coming along at a time  when many existing chapters of STARFLEET have developed and refined a  number of excellent promotion systems. We have reviewed several of these  and taken the methods and ideas of those we thought best represented  our goals and pieced them together. The result is this point promotion  system which we hope you will find to be fair and equitable. The spirit  of cooperation and camaraderie with which the ship/chapters of STARFLEET  help and share with each other has saved us untold hours in developing  this policy and they have our sincere appreciation.

Requirements for Promotion Through the Point System

  1. Member is on active duty status
  2. STARFLEET dues are current
  3. Member submits a completed Point Sheet and a written request for approval by the Executive Officer and the Commanding Officer.
  4. Member has accumulated at least 60 Promotion Points.
  5. After a promotion, all old points shall be removed. None carry over. The member starts a new promotion sheet.
  6. If  a promotion is denied, reasons for the denial will be given in writing  to the crew member who may appeal the decision within 30 days. The  appeal will be given a full and impartial hearing at the next meeting of  the Ship’s Command Staff.

Special Promotion Considerations

  1. Whenever a member holding an NCO rank passes OTS, he/she will be automatically awarded the rank of Ensign JG.
  2. Any crew member reaching the enlisted rank of MCPO will not be promoted any higher until completion of OTS with a passing score.
  3. Promotions must be at least 4 months apart.
  4. The  promotions from the rank of Lt. Commander to Commander can only be done  through the Point System, not through STARFLEET Academy. Our highest  ranking officers should be active enough on the USS Umiak to earn this  promotion.

Promotion Through STARFLEET Academy

  1. Officer Training School: Promotion to Ensign JG upon presenting graduation certificate.
  2. Vulcan Academy of Science: Passing first two courses earns one rank promotion each. Subsequent courses earn points.
  3. STARFLEET Academy of Medicine: Passing first two courses earns one rank promotion each. Subsequent courses earn points.
  4. Post Graduate School: Passing first two courses earns one rank promotion each. Subsequent courses earn points.
  5. Officers Command College: Passing earns one rank promotion.
  6. All other STARFLEET Academy Schools earn points only.

USS Umiak Points

Ships Operations

  1. Becoming a Department Head, Shuttle Commander, Shuttle First Officer: 10
  2. Submitting a department report to your Department Head once a month: 2
  3. Submitting materials to the Newsletter or a separate report other than your department report (per article): 2

Attendance Records

  1. Attending a regular month meeting of the USS Umiak: 5
  2. If distance to the above meeting is greater than 50 miles, one way: 9
    • For perfect attendance at 6 month and 12 month, a member will receive a special commendation

  1. Attending a project or committee meeting: 2


  1. Recruiting a new Umiak member: 5 (per member)
    • If you recruit over 6 members, you will receive a special commendation


  1. Vulcan Academy of Science: 10
  2. STARFLEET Academy College of Medicine: 10
  3. College of Computer Sciences: 10
  4. STARFLEET Security School: 10
  5. Chaplain/Counselor College: 10
  6. STARFLEET Marine College: 10
  7. College of Communications: 10
  8. Post Graduate School: 10
  9. Officer’s Command College: 15

Chapter Participation

  1. Participation in ship fundraisers: 5
  2. Participation in special functions (Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity): 5


These  are for Department Heads to recommend crew members for that extra  effort beyond the call of duty. Send a written explanation to the  Commanding Officer who will then approve and assign a point value if  appropriate.

Responding to Mailings

A  mailing is defined as a written document given to a group of members  requiring a response from them. It is the responsibility of the member  initiating the mailing to record who responds and provide a copy to the  Records Officer.

Holding an Official Position within STARFLEET

Holding one of the positions listed below (per year): 10

Official  positions include: Executive Committee, other Fleet Level positions,  Regional Coordinator, or other Regional-Level positions, Ship’s  Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Department Head or Assistant to a  Department Head.

Community Service Points

  1. Blood Donation: 5
  2. CPR Certification/Recertification: 10
  3. First Aid Certification/Recertification: 10
  4. Lifesaving Certification/Recertification: 10
  5. Recurring Public Service (per month): 1


  1. Monster Maroon: 25
  2. Next Generation (Official Umiak uniform): 20
  3. Classic Trek, ST:TMP: 15
  4. Other Star Trek costumes or uniforms: 10
  5. STARFLEET polo shirt (Umiak casual uniform): 10
  6. Alien Costumes: 10
  7. USS Umiak T-Shirt: 2
  8. STARFLEET or Region 12 Shirts: 2

Department Head/Shuttle Commander Points

  1. Attend Officer’s meeting: 5
  2. Keeping in contact with your department or shuttle on a regular basis (not counting the monthly meeting): 5
  3. Starting up department/shuttle newsletter (one-time only): 20

Extra Points

These are standard point values and may be modified by the Commanding Officer

  1. Attending a Convention (per convention): 2
  2. Volunteering to help a Convention (per convention): 3
  3. Arrange for or present a program at a Umiak meeting: 5
  4. Hosting a meeting at your home: 5
  5. Hosting a special club function at your home: 5
  6. Providing refreshments/meals: 5
  7. Providing transportation (per person): 2
  8. Providing lodgings (per person): 2
  9. Submitting a project/activities proposal form: 2
  10. Having a project/activities proposal form accepted for implementation: 2
  11. Heading a project or activity: 5 officer ranks